Jackie Hern

I make silly recordings, puppets, and do some drawings of kittens, chickens, and other furry animals. 


New Puppet Video Soon

I'm having a hard time sleeping because I'm so excited about this next puppet video I'm making. I hope to have it finished before the NSFWShow on Tuesday December 3rd (10PM EST/ 7PM PST) but if it's not ready, it will have to wait. The last thing I want to do is rush to get something done by a certain time again and screw up like I did with Night Attack Live.  There maybe a few puppet videos from this album "Go Home Santa, You're Drunk" before Christmas, but the first one is the track "Untitled Santa Prequel," which you can listen to for free here, enjoy: https://soundcloud.com/justinrobertyoung/untitled-santa-prequel

Johnny Feisty Song "Jackie Hern"

This man is a musical genius talent! Contact him at johnny.feisty@gmail.com and hire this man to write short bits for your podcasts, videos, etc. I will be begging him soon to let me pay him to write a short bit for some of my silly podcasts that I've been screwing around with.