Jackie Hern

I make silly recordings, puppets, and do some drawings of kittens, chickens, and other furry animals. 


Naughty Night: Two Can Play that Game

This track is my first attempt to write, illustrate, and narrate my own story for the series I am putting together for the Nighty Night Stories podcast that will be released in the next few days. This story is not kid safe, it's a bedtime story for adult kids.  For each of these stories I create, I will make it clear which are okay for kids, and which are not.  The title will start with either "Nighty Night" or "Naughty Night."  The stores, along with music, will be added to interviews with friends about insomnia, dreams, and sleep patterns.  I suffer from insomnia and instead of laying around for hours trying to sleep, I've decided to take that time to create this podcast.  If you'd like to be interviewed for this show, email me at jackiehernvoice@gmail.com.  So listen/ watch, and then go get some sleep. Post your comments or suggestions in the comments below this post.  Looking forward to reading your suggestions for my new podcast.