Jackie Hern

I make silly recordings, puppets, and do some drawings of kittens, chickens, and other furry animals. 


IF You Really want to Know more

Obviously, my name is Jackie Hern and I currently live in Burbank, California.  

Feel free to internet stalk me!  Just don't figure out where I live or what hotel I am staying at and show up to say hello.  If you want to say hello, you can use email or even the telephone if you are not too shy.  The number  I provide through this site is a google voice number and will always go to voicemail, so you have to leave a message: 818-275-HERN (4376) and actually, only call if you want to collaborate on something funny. 



A cake made in honor of the Jet Blue flights from BUR to LAX during the first 405 Carmageddon, no lie.


Where to find me online

I can be found on several social networking and online live streaming sites, so here you go, enjoy:

Social Networks

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