Jackie Hern

I make silly recordings, puppets, and do some drawings of kittens, chickens, and other furry animals. 


Night Attack 2: Enjoy The Garden: Animal Fairy

Most of the comments I get from people about the NA2 videos I made is usually Captain Morgan. My personal favorite is the Animal Fairy, probably because of the bright colors and all of the excess props I searched all around town to find and the time and effort I went into building a front yard and kitchen. (BTW: There is a strange group of women and men who peruse the crafting stores early in the daytime.  Just thought you should know). I enjoyed building the animal fairy, his wings, his glass eye, "tattered coat," and broken teeth. Oh, and by the way, you can still by this album on iTunes and Amazon. The first Billboard number one comedy album from Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young.