Jackie Hern

I make silly recordings, puppets, and do some drawings of kittens, chickens, and other furry animals. 


Episode 1: Roberto Villegas 9/22/2016

In this episode, I ask Roberto all about his recent trip to Japan.  He gives viewers advice on planning an international trip and how to do  it right.   This week, we watch some random person make Sushi Candy in under 30 minutes while Roberto gives some great advice to first time international travelers . Learn more about Roberto's trip and make sure to catch his podcast network cosmicradio.tv  You can follow him @vincent404 on twitter. 

Sites Roberto suggests for planning travel to Japan:

Qapital - a handy iOS app to help you save money for a trip (or other project)

U.S. Department of State - Bureau of Consular Affairs - Federal govern't information on Embassy locations and contact information, crime statistcs, visa and passport information, and more.

Planning travel to Japan